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Earth Scientist, Mentor, Software Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Night Auditor

My name is Phil Farquharson. I call my company CG-Squared Productions, honoring my two main passions: Computer Graphics and Geology. I have been a geologist since 1965, and a computer "geek" since 1985. From 1987 until 2002, I honed my computer graphics skills, starting with CADAM and CATIA at Boeing, then working in software quality assurance (QA) at CADAM, ComputerVision, WonderWare, Wheb Systems, Doctor Design, AutoDesk, and PTC.

I have also been a photographer since 1965, and have been converting from the world of film to the brave new world of digital photography, having purchased my first scanner in 1991 and my first digital camera in 1996. I now have five scanners, with which I can scan documents and photos up to 12 inches by 17 inches, and transparencies or negatives up to 12 inches by 16 inches. I do serious photography in the digital mode using my Nikon D70 and D200 digital SLR's, including some low-level oblique aerials, and even candid wedding and special event photography. I've had a few of my geological and general nature photographs published.

I finished my master's thesis in geology at San Diego State University on 30 July 2004, after a mere 40 years (elapsed) of post-secondary education. I am now teaching geology and oceanography at MiraCosta and Miramar colleges.

My photographs and digital images have been published, including in (and on) the San Diego Association of Geologists 2003 through 2010 field trip guidebooks. More information can be found on my "Geology Guy" website ( I have some of my photography on display at

I have recently added book design and layout to my repertoire. The years 2010 through 2012 have seen me designing and laying out the body of five SDAG publications:

  • Geology of Camp Pendleton (1994 Field Trip, second edition)
  • Geology of SE San Diego County (2005/6 Field Trips, 4th printing)
  • Geology of Northern Anza-Borrego Region (2010 joint field trip w/SCGS)
  • Roadside Geology along Sunrise Highway, by the late Dr. Mike Walawender
  • Picacho and the Cargo Muchachos (2011 Field Trip)

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