Your hosts at Fiddler's Green:
Steve & Debi
Steve and Debi

The Theme is nautical, as you may have surmised.
Boat Wall Peacock
You are greeted by a wall of half-hull boat models as you enter. Looking around, you'll see more eclectic stuff, like the Fantasy Banyan Tree with a peacock in it.

Smurf Fisherman Neon Marlin
You might do a double-take, when you see this guy above the room. Here's what he's after...

Chris-Craft Model
A model of a real classic, situated between two of the booths.

Sailboat 1 Sailboat 2
Sailboat models abound... in the main (pun intended)

Fiddler's Green Ambiance We are kid-friendly, and there are plenty of nautical gadgets to keep them amused.

But be warned that they may ask a lot of annoying questions, like "What's this called?"

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