PTF leading a field trip to Torrey Pines beach
(photo by Olga Miranda)

Earth Sciences and Computer Graphics Mentor

P.O. Box 83443
San Diego, CA 92138-3443

Geology Guy

Now teaching earth sciences in San Diego area colleges

Currently, I am teaching environmental and physical geology, and oceanography at MiraCosta and Miramar Colleges, as an adjunct professor. I will be retiring at the end of the current semester, 1 June 2016.

I have over fifty years experience in geology to draw from in my classwork. My collection of 35-mm slides and digital images includes a great deal of material relevant to my teaching, and I am able to include these images in my course material. I own seven digital cameras, up to a Nikon D200 single-lens reflex. I own three scanners, including a Microtek ScanMaker 9800XL 12"X17" flatbed with transparent media adapter, and a Nikon Coolscan 8000ED slide and negative scanner. With these tools, I am able to convert my older graphics to digital forms for use on the web and in the classroom.

My experience as a graphic artist and web designer contributes to my abilities to explain the sometimes-difficult concepts involved in the earth sciences. I created web sites for my teaching, which can be seen at I now have seven web domains, plus numerous sub-domains. I believe it is my responsibility to share my experiences with the world, just as others have enlightened me in the past.

I consider myself to be an "old-school" geologist, in that I take a very broad view of the science of geology. To me, the study of Earth includes not only solid earth, but the hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere as well. In other words, I subscribe to the Earth Systems Science (ESS) approach. I remain a generalist in a world full of specialists. For example, the book set Geology of Wisconsin was the first geological survey of the state of Wisconsin, completed in 1879 by T. C. Chamberlin. This work included studies of plants and animals, even "Economic Relations of Wisconsin Birds." Chamberlin is one of my heroes.

John Muir was also one of my Wisconsin-based heroes. As he said in My First Summer in the Sierra, "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe."

I completed my master's thesis in geology at San Diego State University, a copy of which is online at

I am a past president of the San Diego Association of Geologists, and remain active with the organization.

Please see some examples of my graphics on my "Geology Guy" web site (, especially the San Marcos Dike Swarm poster sessions, and also my photography at my personal site (


Miramar and Mesa Colleges, San Diego 2012 to 2016
Physical Geology, Earth Science and Oceanography ("face-to-face" and online)

MiraCosta College, Oceanside 2008 to 2016
Oceanography and Physical Geology ("face-to-face") and Environmental Geology (online)

Palomar College, San Marcos Spring Semester 2014
Oceanography ("face-to-face")

Southwestern College, Chula Vista, CA 2005 to 2011
General Geology Lecture, General Geology Laboratory, Oceanography Laboratory

San Diego State University Spring Semester 2008
Upper-division Oceanography Lecture

InterAmerican College, National City, CA 2005 and 2007

Earth and Spaces Sciences, including Meteorology and Oceanography, emphasis on California K-8 Earth Science Content Teaching Standards.

Grossmont College, El Cajon, CA 2005 to 2007
General Geology Lecture, Oceanography Lecture

Antelope Valley Community College, Lancaster, CA 1990
BASIC programming

Montana State University, Bozeman 1977-79
Mineralogy / Petrology sequence

University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada 1975-76
General Geology, Geology for Engineers, Geomorphology, Environmental Geology


CG-Squared Productions, San Diego (Self-Employed) 1996 to Present
Consulting Geologist / Graphic Designer / Software Engineer
  • Designing and laying out books uding Adobe InDesign for the San Diego Geological Society
  • Provided computer and graphics support for the San Diego office of Petra Geotechnical, Inc., creating graphic figures and plates, setting up printers and plotters, cleaning up computers that had been afflicted by viruses and spyware
  • Designed and laid out book covers and text for Sunbelt Publications, and submitted Adobe Illustrator and Acrobat files to the printers via FTP and compact disk.
  • Performed reconnaissance of Joshua Tree National Park geology for the guidebook for the San Diego Association of Geologists 2004 field trip, designed the cover layout, co-authored a chapter, and supplied maps, charts and annotated photographs for inclusion in the finished book, which was published in October 2004
  • Performed aerial photography of San Diego County geology for the guidebook for the San Diego Association of Geologists 2003 field trip, designed the cover layout, co-authored a chapter, and supplied maps, charts and annotated photographs for inclusion in the finished book, which was published in October 2003
  • Created and maintaining numerous business web sites of varying complexities
  • Assumed the role of a computer "guru" (ad hoc tech support) for approximately 20 customers around the United States
  • Created a Visual Basic front end for an interactive CD-ROM based software program for the San Diego Museum of Man in Balboa Park; specified, purchased and set up the two computers with touch-screen monitors to be used in the exhibit

Parametric Technology Corp., San Diego 2000 to 2002
Senior Software QA Engineer
  • Tested a collaborative visualization software product (Windchill ProductView), which allows engineering and design teams to share information without regard to which CAD/CAM software might have been utilized to create models and drawings

AutoDesk, Inc., San Diego 1998 to 1999
Software QA Engineer
  • Tested a new mechanical CAD/CAM software product (Autodesk Inventor)

Doctor Design, Inc. (under contract), San Diego 1997 to 1998
Senior Software QA Engineer / Lead
  • Tested a Digital Satellite System embedded in a personal computer
  • Set up and maintained an Intranet site for the development group, using Microsoft Personal Web Server

Wheb Systems, Inc. (under contract), San Diego 1996 to 1997
Project Engineer
  • Set up and prepared a document-imaging software and hardware project at the site of a major government customer in Denver, Colorado, working closely with the customer and several hardware contractors

WonderWare Corporation, Irvine 1994 to 1996
Senior Software QA Engineer
  • Tested Human-Machine Interface industrial automation software in a Microsoft Windows networked environment, including InTouch, NetDDE, and InTrack

Computervision (under contract), San Diego 1992 to 1994
Software QA Engineer
  • Tested CAD/CAM software product in an Alpha and Beta test environment, on Microsoft Windows

CADAM, Inc. / Dassault Systemes of America (under contract), Burbank 1990 to 1992
Software Test Engineer
  • Tested CADAM modules prior to release, providing feedback to other programmers and management

Boeing: Seattle, Lake Charles and Palmdale 1986 to 1989
Manufacturing Engineer: B-2, A-6, B-1B, KC-135 & 747-400
  • Tool liaison: composite and assembly
  • Liaison: sheet metal & machine details
  • Project: weapons systems, including electrical, mechanical, and ECS
  • Tool Design: electrical-connector molds in CADAM
  • Flight-test: wiring diagrams in CATIA
  • Functional test/final assembly: fuel & hydraulic systems, structures.

Stouffer Madison Hotel, Seattle 1985 to 1986
Systems Analyst / Auditor
  • Monitored performance and updated software of mini-mainframe computer
  • Provided summary financial reports on daily, monthly and yearly activity for various departments

Exxon Minerals, Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co., Mountain Minerals: Wyoming and Montana 1974 to 1980
Project Geologist, Nonmetallic Minerals
  • Directed several uranium and talc exploration projects at remote locations
  • Pinpointed locations of interest, for further exploration and development, by creating geological maps and cross- sections
  • Hired and managed drilling and excavation personnel and equipment


Air National Guard / Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS): Spokane, Tacoma, Costa Mesa, deployed to Biloxi (twice), Anchorage (4X), Manila, Rota, Roswell 1982 to 1985 (FT)
1985 to 1996 (PT)
Communications Computer Systems Control Technician
  • Analyzed and controlled Department of Defense communications systems in fixed and mobile environments of JCS exercises
  • Protected information systems security through proper adherence to COMSEC and TEMPEST procedures

U.S. Air Force: Lowry AFB, Dover AFB, CFB Comox (Canada) and Grand Forks AFB 1967 to 1973
Nuclear Weapons Technician
  • Inspected, maintained, modified and tested nuclear weapons, warheads, missiles, rockets, reentry systems, and associated equipment, including clip-in assemblies, rotary launchers, pylons, bomb racks, and penetration aides


University of North Dakota, Grand Forks
Bachelor of Science, Geology, cum laude, 1975
Montana State University, Bozeman
Geology Graduate Work, 1976 to 1981
San Diego State University
Master of Science, Geology, 2004


San Diego Association of Geologists (2006 President)
Association of Earth Science Editors (AESE)
National Association of Geoscience Teachers
Geological Society of America
American Association of Petroleum Geologists
History of Earth Science Society (HESS)
Sigma Gamma Epsilon (Earth Science Honor Society)
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

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